Whether you’re pregnant or postpartum, I have something for you!  Just click a button (or all of them) below!


I help prenatal and postpartum women feel strong and confident in their bodies. 

I support you to feel your best through your pregnancy and then to use carefully chosen exercises that progress you back to doing everything you want to do.

Health for Mom and Baby

ACOG recommends at least 30-minutes of moderate exercise most to all days of the week throughout pregnancy.  Some specific benefits include reduced back pain; less constipation; lowered risk of gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, and c-section; and strengthened heart and blood vessels.

Safe Coaching Plans

You’ll get custom plans addressing your unique needs in whatever stage of pregnancy or recovery you are in. 
You’ll receive modifications as well as support workouts such as strength and Pilates work so that you continue to move as well as possible.

Convenient Online Format

You’ll have access to a convenient app and web platform so that you can easily check-in and access your materials (and me!) from your computer or phone.
With everything else going on in your life, convenience is a must!

Nice Things People Have Said

Leslie spent a lot of time talking with me about my goals for the race, my abilities, and what my routine normally looks like. . . Leslie is a fantastic trainer and I’d recommend her to anyone!

-Alena K.

Leslie is an amazing coach!
She always stressed the importance of listening to your body, which is I think, one of the best things to have in a coach.  She was always encouraging me!  I could not have done it without her!

-Hollie W.

Leslie was so willing to modify my workouts and spent lots of time helping me find ways to be the healthiest I could be while pregnant. . . I felt good about myself and good about leading a healthy life for my baby.  I really loved working with Leslie and I am so thankful.

-Sofia R.