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Mindset Makeover

Shift your mindset, gain body confidence
and get ready to see lasting change. . .

In This Training for Postpartum Women You'll Discover. . .

  • To challenge your beliefs about how your body "should" be
  • Action steps that can be taken TODAY to make peace with your body
  • The ONE THING that you must do before you can change your lifestyle
  • How to structure your goals in an effective way
  • Tools for continued success

In a time of so much change, it's easy to think that you'll never feel like you again.

But that doesn’t have to be true.  No matter what you’ve tried or for how long, there are stepsthat can be taken to improve the way you see your body.  And they’re easier than most people think!

Repeat after me:

  • I CAN respect and appreciate my body.
  • I CAN feel comfortable in my skin.
  • I CAN move toward my goals.
  • I CAN be gracious with myself.
  • I CAN be confident.

I designed this training with the exact tools that I used myself when I was newly postpartum with my second daughter and fifty pounds above my pre-pregnancy weight. 

It was a challenging time for me emotionally, and while I knew that I was still beautiful in His sight, seeing myself in the mirror sent a shock through my system every time.


I’m certified in a variety of fitness, nutrition, and wellness methods, but I firmly believe that if you jump into action without getting your mindset right first, those actions won’t last. 

Even with the best of intentions and most motivation at the starting point, unless you truly change how you see things, you’ll revert back to what you used to do. 

I made this completely free, because it's so important that I want ALL moms to have access to it and to start seeing thsemlves with more loving eyes.

And don't forget. . .

as mothers we have an enormous amount of influence on how our children see themselves by how we see ourselves. 

As a mother of daughters, it’s a personal mission of mine to treat my body with the respect it deserves as a gift from God, so that they will see themselves the same way.