Postpartum Health Coaching
with Leslie

To achieve any goal, you must be consistent. To be consistent, you’ll need help. . .

Manage your weight, build strength, and gain energy.

You tell me your goals. I’ll help you get there. You’ll be amazed at what’s possible.

We'll make healthy living a habit.

Most people trying to change their lifestyle change too much too fast and burn out. We’ll be focused on manageable practices that lead you to your goals.

Proven to be effective.

Both my fitness and nutrition coaching methods have been tested on thousands of women and developed by world renowned experts including nutritionists, OB/GYNs, and physical therapists. (More on that below)

I'll help you be accountable.

I’ll provide you with the support, guidance, and accountability every step of the way, no matter what life throws at you. We’re in this together.

Lots on your mind? Let me do the planning for you.

A new baby is enough to think about! Let me handle the nutrition and fitness details while you adjust to your changing family.

Affordable one-on-one coaching

Private coaching that is affordable. And it works, because I am committed to helping you get to your goals.

“I know what I want to do. . . but I have a hard time being consistent!”

When you’re a new mom and you’ve got so many responsibilities on your shoulders, it’s easy to let your health and fitness slide.  Mamas are known to neglect themselves while providing for others.

But you also realize that your body is going through a LOT during this time, and you know that taking care of yourself is truly important for you and your baby.

So you decide to take control and start a health and fitness program, but all the conflicting information surrounding pregnancy and postpartum is enough to make your head spin!  And staying motivated is hard – especially when you feel like you don’t even know your own body as it constantly changes!

It’s easy to feel confused and alone.

That’s where I come in.

I help you feel strong and confident in your body through this time of change and establish a healthy lifestyle that’ll last you for life.  Starting now.

Hi! I'm Leslie and I help postpartum women feel strong, confident and beautiful in their bodies.

I have a diverse training and educational background that includes running in triathlons, certifying with Girls Gone Strong the largest company for women’s fitness in the world, studying mat Pilates with an internationally renowned organization, and learning corrective exercise techniques from a women’s health physical therapist. 

The educational courses I’ve completed were authored and taught by top professionals in their fields including: researchers, psychologists, gynecologists, nutritionists/dietitians, midwives, women’s fitness specialists, exercise physiologists, and physical therapists. 

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I want you to have the best possible postpartum experience - and find joy through the process.

I want you to be as comfortable as possible with all the changes going on in your life. Your plan will take into account things like:

Diastasis and prolapse

You’ll learn how to move well, so that you can exercise safely without causing yourself any issues.

Low-back and hip health

You’ll have exercises that promote stability and mobility in these often achy areas.

Postural alignment

Pregnancy changes your alignment and it often needs to be retrained postpartum.

Neck and shoulder comfort

Feeding (by breast or bottle), rocking, cuddling, and carrying can leave you in uncomfortable positions for long periods of time, so you’ll have quick stretches and exercises to relieve tension

I use the most up-to-date research on best practices and modifications for training prenatal and postpartum women. So that you can feel your absolute best in this time.

Stay accountable and consistent with personal help from me

I absolutely love all this stuff, and I switched professions to dedicate myself to helping women just like you navigate your health and fitness through this season of life and come out of it fitter, stronger, and healthier than ever.Whatever challenges come your way, I’ll help you overcome them by modifying your program or offering new solutions. Honestly it all comes down to this, I’m here to support you every step of the way, no matter what life throws at you.

Fitness Training

We’ll be using my Five Petal approach to fitness training that includes not just the strength and endurance you might see in a typical exercise plan, but also Pilates, recovery practices, and breath work.

  • Endurance – This includes swimming, biking, running, rowing, walking, elliptical, and more.  Typically, swimming and walking are great unless you’re on bed rest.  We’ll work to figure out which ones are ideal for you so that you can keep moving, get some fresh air, feel amazing and energetic, and keep that endorphin high!
  • Strength – Strength training is even more important during this time than it normally is because of all that joint laxity.  Stabilizing your hips, back, and shoulders lowers your risk of injury and speeds recovery, and I’m all about getting you fully active as fast as possible.
  • Pilates – Modified Pilates will help you build strength throughout your core, additionally, it’ll boost control, stability, and balance, which is super important as your body is going through constant changes. 
  • Recovery – This definitely includes sleep amount and quality, but also other wonderful and relaxing practices!  Prenatal massage anyone?!
  • Breath – Breath is often completely neglected in plans, but not here!  Done well, it has the power to properly engage your core and pelvic floor, lower heart rate and blood pressure, stimulate digestion, reduce stress, and calm your mind.  How many completely safe activities can boast that?!

Your body is going through a lot, let me build you a plan that is customized just for you and is adjusted to suit your changing needs.

iOS/Android App

My convenient app enables you to log workouts, watch demos, and look back to see how far you’ve come all from your phone or tablet.

Online Training

No need to worry about schedules, cancellations, or childcare because all of your workouts can be done at home with very little equipment.

Prenatal and Postpartum Specific Exercises

Birth prep, postpartum core reactivation, and pelvic floor strengthening exercises are built right into your plan.

Video Messaging to Check Form

We’ll make sure that you’re doing your fundamentals well and if anything feels off to you in any way, you can send me a video of yourself doing it so that we can get you feeling awesome in all of your movements.

Nutrition Coaching

As a certified nutrition coach through Precision Nutrition, I use Pn's world-renowned ProCoach system.

Check out this video to get an inside look at how the system works!

Easy-to-use online platform

You’ll start by telling me all about yourself, including your goals, health challenges, and daily routine. From there, I’ll customize your entire program and we’ll start the proven coaching process.

Small yet impactful habits to improve everyday life

Along with your nutrition habits, we’ll work together to create and practice healthy habits across every aspect of your life: from sleep and stress-management to movement and mindfulness. These new habits will help you feel more calm, confident, and prepared for each day – no matter what life throws at you.

Simple nutrition habits and daily check-ins

Every day, you’ll get a lesson and a nutrition or lifestyle habit to practice. You can either read the daily lesson or listen to it like a podcast. We’ll practice a new nutrition habit every two weeks, with every lesson designed to help you get results.

Personal coaching and detailed progress checking

I’ll check in with you frequently to see how you’re doing and to answer any questions you have. Also, you can message me whenever you need. The program also tracks everything from your measurements to your habits throughout the year, so you can see just how much progress you’ve made.

This is not a diet plan. While weight loss does result for many, it’s truly about developing healthy habits. There are no rules or meal plans, so it is completely safe and beneficial to do during pregnancy and early postpartum; however I do not promote weight-loss as a goal in pregnancy.

Hear From Some Past Clients

Is coaching right for you?

Coaching with me is right for you if:

You want to get healthier, stronger, and more confident – and learn how to stay that way forever

This program is for women who want to manage their weight during and after pregnancy, build physical strength and confidence, set themselves up for the future, and get off the dieting roller coaster. This isn’t some crazy impossible-to-follow plan; it’s a sustainable system of living that’ll get you the results you desire forever.

You’re tired of “quick fix” programs and you’re willing to dedicate months to learning how to thrive through this transitional time and beyond

If you’ve tried to lead a healthier life before and “failed,” you are so not alone. And it’s not your fault. Most plans aren’t designed to be followed long-term, and they don’t actually teach you anything about sustaining healthier choices. And as someone who closely follows nutrition research and trends, I regularly see new fads coming and going, and that’s exactly why I don’t follow fads. Instead, I’ll teach you achievable daily actions that will fit into your busy momlife, even when things are hectic. Bottom line: I’ll help you make fitness and nutrition a part of your life, without it taking over.

You want me to hold you accountable to your goals and keep you consistent throughout the program

Doing things alone is hard, really hard. That’s why I work closely with my clients to help them eat well for their bodies and exercise, no matter how crazy motherhood gets. You have enough to worry about taking care of your growing family; let me take care of the fitness and nutrition details so you don’t have to.


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes and no.  We always need quality movement and nutritious food to feel our best, and much of the basics remain the same.  However, there are many more exercise contraindications in  postpartum than normal.  Every woman’s experience is different, so one woman might need special care given to her shoulders (if for instance her breasts enlarged a lot) while another woman needs specific lower body exercises that won’t aggravate hip pain.  I’ve studied this stuff a lot, so you don’t have to.  You tell me how you feel, and your plan will be tailored to it.

Online training is perfect for moms.  You get a personalized plan without having to get to a gym, or arrange childcare, or schedule it around your family’s schedule.  Because technology is so fabulous now, we can still actually see each other and keep in close contact throughout the week rather than only during sessions.  So you actually get more consistent support.  Additionally, your workouts are designed for your current fitness and their length reflects that, rather than your workout being made to fit into whatever time slot you’ve purchased.

For some women it closes on its own, and some need a little help through exercises and breathing technique. A well planned core activation progression often can close and firm it (I’ve seen it happen!).   Occasionally, however, medical intervention is required, and that doesn’t make you a failure if it is.

The best time was yesterday, the second best time is today!  The only time that exercise isn’t suggested is from birth until six weeks postpartum in the early healing process.  But, even before you hit your six week clearance to do a specific exercise plan, a breathing practice and mobility work can help you feel more comfortable and aid in recovery. (Of course, we’d want your doctor’s approval to do any work before the six week mark.)

Simply click one of the “I’m Interested!” buttons and fill out the form, and I’ll contact you shortly.

I don’t have a signup directly on the web page, because I want to make sure we’re a good fit before we commit to working together.

Want to be confident and energetic throughout this transitional time? Let me help!

Build strength, feel great, and get the accountability you need.

Maybe it’s been awhile since you’ve been in shape, or felt energized throughout your day, or felt capable and confident enough to do the things you want.  Postpartum is the perfect time to go for it, because it’s easier to change habits when there are big changes happening around you, and a baby is definitely a big one!

If you’re ready to take great care of your body and gain health and fitness once and for all, I’m ready to help.  You’ve tried it alone.  Now try it with the support of someone who is committed to your success.

I’ve dedicated my professional life to helping mamas just like you experience strength and comfort in their bodies through nutrition and fitness.  And I’ve learned from some of the best in the industry.

You’re most likely only pregnant a few times, but those few years of pregnancy and recovery can impact the rest of your life.  Your opportunity to positively affect your body for life is now. 

But the next step is up to you,