The Body Confident Mom - Lifestyle Makeover Mini-Course

Ready to learn what you need to know for your postpartum lifestyle in a quick and concise way?

Body Confident Mom – Lifestyle Makeover is my mini-course that will help you to feel strong and confident in your body during this time in your life when that can seem impossible – those first few years postpartum.

I’m sharing from my experience as a personal trainer, Pilates teacher, prenatal and postpartum exercise specialist, nutrition coach, health coach, and two time mom (i.e. a lot of time and practice). . .

There are some things as a new mom that you NEED to know. . .

But for the most part, postpartum women are expected to just carry on as though nothing has happened. . .

Not here mama!  I want you to be fully supported in all that you aspire to do.

The Body Confident Mom – Lifestyle Makeover is a distillation of what I know to help you look and feel your best in a way that is specific to you as a postpartum woman.

But it’s all in bite sized chunks, and it won’t take tons of your time.  (Cause you’re a busy mom and probably don’t have time to sit and take a time-consuming course!)

Why exactly did I create this?

Hi, I’m Leslie Uffman Aguilar

I’m a postpartum health coach and a mom, and I’ve seen countless women completely confused and frustrated by not knowing how to take care of thesmlves after they had a baby.  After tons of conversations with new moms, I decided that I wanted to put the most common topics together in a concise way.

Body Confident Mom – Lifestyle Makeover is a result of that decision.

This is not a diet and exercise program, this is a guide to navigating the common eating and fitness challenges that new moms face in a way that is simple and convenient to implement.

This is going to give you confidence in how you take care of your body so that you’re not spending hours on Google trying to piece things together.

I’m sure you don’t have time for that!  So I’m just laying it all out for you! : )

Being a mom doesn't mean that you need to give up your favorite thing.

I want you to grab this quick course so that you can get back to all the things that you love, whether that’s your favorite activity like running or your favorite summer dress.

And if you’ve tried some other things and they haven’t worked for you, it could simply be that they just weren’t suited to the needs of postpartum.  There are special considerations that need to be made, and I want all women to know what those are.

So what will you get in this mini-course?

You'll get three modules of short lessons (mostly around ten minutes, with a few closer to twenty)

Module One - Nutrition

I keep it super simple (in fact, my "must know" crash course is THREE MINUTES long!), so that you can actually DO IT! How often do we attempt a super complicated plan only to stick to it for about 48 hours? Not this one, these are really, really simple guidelines so that you can do them, even with little ones grabbing your focus.

Module Two - Movement

There's a LOT going on physically during postpartum. Even if it's been a year or more since giving birth, if you've never intentionally worked on this, you definitely want to. This module is all about regaining your core strength, correcting your posture, and what to watch for to make sure that you're progressing well.

Module Three - Lifestyle

This one got included as a bonus of sorts! You simply can't learn about nutrition and fitness without taking others factors into account. So in this module, we're talking about stress and sleep, specifically for postpartum women. Let's face it, most sleeping advice is simply not applicable if you've got a baby waking you often.

You'll also get support material including a workbook, cheat sheets, and guides to aid in your learning and help you implement in your life.

Who is this for?

I created this course specifically for women who are postpartum up to two years.  But really, it’s designed for any mom who has never purposely retrained her core postpartum or who feels like she hasn’t been able to manage her weight since having her baby.

Who is this NOT for?

I believe in a gentle and long-term approach to restoring the body.  So if you’re wanting something that’s going to push you really hard to cut weight with massive food restrictions and do high impact workouts quickly, I wish you all the best, but I’m not your girl.

So if you're ready to dive in and learn more about caring for yourself, let's get started!! I'd love for you to join me!

The whole course is only $77