Why You Need to Be Stroller Walking Regularly

Leslie Uffman Aguilar
April 1, 20210 Comment

Transcription Introduction Have you noticed how walking gets a bad rap these days, by most of us millennials? Like there’s this kind of stigma of, “Oh, I just walked,” as […]

[MINI] Checklist to get back to your 2021 goals

Leslie Uffman Aguilar
March 30, 20210 Comment

TRANSCRIPT Hey! It’s Leslie and I just realized something that blew my mind…. We are almost ¼ of the way through this year already! Can you believe it? This is […]

Can health coaching help you reach your goals every day?

Leslie Uffman Aguilar
March 25, 20210 Comment

More and more people have heard of health coaching all the time, but a lot of people still don’t know what it really means. So in this episode, I’m explaining […]

[MINI] All about protein powder

Leslie Uffman Aguilar
March 23, 20210 Comment

I hear sooo many questions about protein powder! This episode answers those common questions. TRANSCRIPT Hey! It’s Leslie and I’m super excited to be doing this mini episode today because […]

[POST] Little Black Dress Project – Week Two

Leslie Uffman Aguilar
March 22, 20210 Comment

After two weeks, I’m feeling great! I’ve been so happy with the meal variety. Over the years I’ve tried many boring, repetitive, bland plans. This is NOT that! And I’m […]

Work Out in TWO Minutes!

Leslie Uffman Aguilar
March 18, 20210 Comment

If you feel like you just can’t make the time to workout, this method might be exactly what you’ve been looking for! Mentioned in this episode: 5 Steps to a […]

[POST] Little Black Dress Project – Week One

Leslie Uffman Aguilar
March 17, 20210 Comment

Well, I’ve finished week one of the Little Black Dress Project, and I’ve definitely got some thoughts to share about it! (And plenty of meal photos!) If you haven’t read […]

[MINI] Signs you need more protein

Leslie Uffman Aguilar
March 16, 20210 Comment

While there are very few people in the US with actual protein deficiencies, what we need to feel our best, build or maintain muscle, and feel full and satisfied might […]

It’s not about willpower

Leslie Uffman Aguilar
March 11, 20210 Comment

What if it’s not your willpower that’s making you struggle, but your environment? Have you ever thought about whether or not your home supports or hinders your efforts to live […]

Hi there!

I believe that we are all made in the image of God, and should respect and be grateful for our bodies.

A big part of that is moving regularly, eating nutritious food, and resting.  And I also believe that living a healthy lifestyle can and should be simple and enjoyable!

I combine my training as a postpartum exercise specialist, Pilates teacher, nutrition coach, health coach, and green beauty advocate to help you build a lifestyle that meets your needs and makes you feel great.

Things I love: Playing violin, reading, long stroller walks, The Office, and Batman