[MINI] Surprising way to stop those carb cravings

Leslie Uffman Aguilar
March 2, 20210 Comment

The number one predictor of cravings is not what most people think! Listen to learn more!

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Hey! It’s Leslie and I am going to outline for you in this mini-episode one of the TOP reasons you might be craving carb-rich, sweet, and salty foods!

I know a lot of us get these cravings from time to time, and there’s something surprising that can be leading to them…

But before I get into it, let me introduce myself if you don’t already know me. I’m Leslie Uffman Aguilar and I help new mamas feel strong, confident, and beautiful in their new bodies, even in the busy phase of early motherhood.

Ok. So, now on to what can cause cravings for sweet and carb-rich foods, and what you can do about it.

First: the cause … it’s something that affects ALL of us at some point or another.

It’s not getting enough sleep!

When you don’t get enough sleep, your body’s hunger hormones get out of whack, making you feel hungry … AND ALSO making it so that the food that you DO eat doesn’t really satisfy you.

So basically, your hunger hormones have their foot on your appetite’s gas pedal, and your “I’m full” hormones are nowhere near the brake!

This sets you up for a cycle of cravings. And also feeling even MORE tired … and also bloated from eating all that food!

So … what can you do about it?

If you have a rocky night of sleep, make sure you start your day with a healthy, balanced breakfast that includes PROTEIN and FIBER-RICH FOODS.

Both fiber and protein can help fill you up – and stay feeling full for hours.

Here are some ideas:

Oatmeal and eggs … Greek yogurt with berries … Chia pudding with protein powder … or even a smoothie with fruit, a handful of baby spinach, some yogurt or whole milk, and protein powder! Which by the way, is basically my go-to breakfast that I eat while helping the girls with their breakfast.

And also be sure to drink plenty of water. Being even a little dehydrated (1-2%!) can contribute to that overtired feeling and brain fog.

If you want more breakfast ideas I’ve got a resource for you, absolutely free. It’s my latest recipe guide, Protein-Packed Breakfasts. It includes recipes and ideas for starting your day off right. You can get it by joining my off-Facebook group Everyday Healthy Mamas Membership.  If you’ve heard me talk about it before, I’ve mentioned that my new platform is setup better than social media for me to be giving out some extras, and this is just one example of that!  To join, go to store.leslieuffmanaguilar.com/ehmm (as in everydayhealthymamasmembership, ehmm) and I know my name is hard to spell, so I’ll link it in the show notes as well for your convenience.

I hope this info helps you stay balanced with your healthy habits the next time you have a restless night of sleep!

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Talk to you again soon!




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