Feel Rested: How to Follow your Body’s Rhythms and Get Better Sleep

Leslie Uffman Aguilar
November 21, 20200 Comment

Sleep is so important!  And early motherhood can be a less than stellar time for it.  Which makes it one of the MOST important times to do what you can to get the best rest you can.  If you’re feeling sleep deprived, think of what getting just a little more rest each night could do for you.  And remember, sleep is cumulative over a long stretch, so the longer you can get a little more sleep, the more it’ll pay off.

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Hi there!

I’m Leslie Uffman Aguilar. I’m a believer, wife, and mama to two daughters.

I believe that we are all made in the image of God, and should respect and be grateful for our bodies.

A big part of that is moving regularly, eating nutritious food, and resting.  And I also believe that living a healthy lifestyle can and should be simple and enjoyable!

I combine my training as a postpartum exercise specialist, Pilates teacher, nutrition coach, health coach, and green beauty advocate to help you build a lifestyle that meets your needs and makes you feel great.

Things I love: Playing violin, reading, long stroller walks, The Office, and Batman