What You Need to Know to Get Started in Yoga

Leslie Uffman Aguilar
November 12, 20200 Comment

Caroline and I have a great conversation about all things yoga, including what to look for in a teacher, benefits, modifications, and listening to your body.  

Her website is: www.santewomenscoaching.com

Her YouTube channel can be found here

Hi there!

I’m Leslie Uffman Aguilar. I’m a believer, wife, and mama to two daughters.

I believe that we are all made in the image of God, and should respect and be grateful for our bodies.

A big part of that is moving regularly, eating nutritious food, and resting.  And I also believe that living a healthy lifestyle can and should be simple and enjoyable!

I combine my training as a postpartum exercise specialist, Pilates teacher, nutrition coach, health coach, and green beauty advocate to help you build a lifestyle that meets your needs and makes you feel great.

Things I love: Playing violin, reading, long stroller walks, The Office, and Batman